Day 2 Posture Month. Old McDonald had Good Posture (and a farm).

Get up, stretch out and move around!  Here are 3 things to keep top of mind while working on improving posture.

ACE Your Posture (according to

  • Awareness – Forget good or bad. Posture is strong or weak, and there’s always a path to improvement. A quick posture check is an annual must-do.
  • Control – Strong posture helps you to look your best and move without pain. A few minutes a day of posture exercise is all you need to improve your posture.
  • Environment – To maintain great posture create a posture-smart environment to put an end to bad habits! Easy fixes and new posture tech makes it easy.

So what exercises could you do to foster this pattern?   A lot!  A favorite of mine is the farmer’s  carry.  I agree with Gray Cook

“A heavy carry forces you to align your ear, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot on your stance leg, and take short, well-aligned strides.  The best way to carry that weight across a distance is with good alignment and posture.”

This prompts awareness,  challenges control and you created the environment.  Note in the picture below, the person in the center has an assist from the others and is slouched over.  Once you are cleared to lift heavy weight, keep in mind that this exercise will require enough weight to create a reactive neuromuscular response promoting better alignment.


Reach out to me for info on how a farmer’s carry could benefit you and your postural alignment.


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