Mayday Mayday! May is Posture Month  

Get The Facts on Posture

There is no “perfect posture”

Posture is how you balance your body

Good posture is more than standing up straight, and requires more than “keeping your shoulders back.”  To improve posture you have to strengthen how your body balances, and how it moves.

Though there is no one perfect posture, there are better and worse postures. It’s not just how you stand, it’s also how you align and balance your body when you sit.

Sitting is the 21st century posture. Our technology-driven work and recreational habits are a primary cause of neck, shoulder and back pain.

The human body is designed to walk and run, not sit in a folded, cramped position for hours. Problems begin when we work the deep core muscles balancing our body in only a small part of their full range of motion. Unused muscles adapt and atrophy, and overtime our posture weakens.

If you spend a big chunk of your life sitting, you must actively do something to counteract your habits, or your posture will suffer.

Check Your Posture and get started today on improving your movement.


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