What Moves You? Let Me Chair Something With You.

As a Performance Coach, there are some fundamental movement patterns that almost everyone has.   From elite athlete to sedentary TV aficionado…lazy glutes (your buttock), less than optimal “core”, tight hip flexors…SHEESH, that’s only a little bit about the hips.  If I’m keeping this to fundamentals, should I leave out the feet, knees, spine, shoulders, and neck?  Well, for now, yes.


Everyone sits at some point for extended periods in their lives.  School, commuting, studying, movies, computer, gaming, and most likely right now (follow up for text neck if you’re on a mobile device).   So, since we are in this together and you are really, really, really committed to making this work, you will need to commit to doing more than 3 hours a week of exercise and challenging movement to offset the 8-12 hours per day you spend plopped down, slouched and writing this blog…see, it applies to everyone!

Check out what Thomas Myers has to say and suggests some chair exercises for movement.


Follow MovementStream on facebook and this website to get updates and tips on how to combat how cultural and technological evolution have outpaced our physical evolution, i.e., we are cave men with rocket ships.


Mork In Chair

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