Foot Strength and Mobility

My Grandmother used to say “If your feet hurt, everything hurts.”FootBrain  Having worked a stint in retail clothing years ago and wearing dress shoes on hardwood floors 10 hours per day ingrained my Grandmother’s words into my soles.

Imagine your life with 1/4″ gloves on your hands every waking moment? If those 26 bones and 33 joints don’t have clear communication with the ground, your knees, hips, back and neck will have to accommodate that poor signal.  Fast forward, knee replacements, disc herniations, or just nagging and seemingly elusive pain.

Take a look at this video from Dr. Eric Cobb, Co-Founder of Z-Health.  He presents some very clear instructions and demonstration that are beneficial to foot strength, mobility and most likely, reduction in pain.

Some highlights are:

– 5 different drills for strength and mobility
– A strong foundation benefits your entire body
– A simple test to determine a starting point


Reach out to Tom @movementstream to find out how to work this into your existing programs or develop a new routine!


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