Nor’Easter, No Problem? Avoiding Injuries Caused By Slipping On Ice

Top 5 Injuries and What To Do Next :

😬  Muscle sprains and ligament strains

👎  Fractures, including spinal compression fractures

😩  Broken bones – most commonly the wrists and hips

😡  Back injuries and pain

🧠  Concussions and other head injuries

This article provides some great information about safety steps to take in advance and when to seek treatment if injured.         Rothman Institute Orthopaedic

As a Performance Coach, there are many variables to review while assessing movement and potential for poor balance and injury.  Keeping this simple and addressing hip strength and mobility, going to work on the hip adductors and transverse abdominis (TVA) will be a great starting point.   Not your rectus abdominis (the “6 pack”).

Deep Front LineLooking at the deep front line, (Thomas Myers, Anatomy Trains) we can see the fascial attachments linking the body from head to toe.  Doing some exercises to strengthen the adductors and core and activating the entire fascial line should add strength and quality to hip function.  Additionally, getting those hips moving in a full range of motion.


This is tactical frog.  It’s a great way to ease into full range of motion.   It’s almost like scratching an itch.   Your body with thank you for the movement with the warm and fuzzies

There is so much more to this!    Please reach out to for help on what exercises might be best for you. #MoveSmarterNotHarder.


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